Raspberry and orange jellies with vanilla ice cream – great to cook with a child

These raspberry and orange jellies look as fresh and fruity as they taste. With vanilla ice cream they are a great pudding, ideal to cook with a child for a party.

Friday for JP is ice cream day which means that for his tea the pudding is ice cream. If lucky, Dave serves, and he gets a lovely amount. He’s less lucky if I serve … it’s a more miserable portion but he still enjoys it. Recently JP suddenly asked for jelly to go with his ice cream. I’ve no idea where he’s learnt about jelly. Perhaps Peppa Pig has been eating jelly, or maybe it was in his Alfie book. Alfie is very popular at the moment. I do know that neither nursery nor Grannie and Grandpa go in for jelly. I love it when JP comes up with something and I’ve no idea where it comes from. It reminds me he is a person in his own right and with experiences and thoughts I have no idea about despite him not yet being two and a half.

The next afternoon we made jelly together. In fact, it was fruit jelly and JP loved stirring away and then popping the raspberries into the glass. We were using frozen raspberries and he liked how cold they were. (Another of JP’s individualisms is eating frozen peas … Dave and I also have no idea where this one comes from. He will kindly offer them to us but leaves us thinking we are missing something when we tell him we prefer ours hot).

I hadn’t put any sugar in that first jelly and it was rather limited in flavour. So after JP was in bed I made a batch with sugar and this time the flavour hit the mark. JP enjoyed one for his pudding the next night and Dave and I enjoyed two each with ice cream for our pudding.
Whether you use fresh or frozen raspberries, just pop them in the glasses and the hot liquid will do the defrosting. When you add the orange juice mixture the raspberries will float to the top and you’ll be left with a band of orange at the bottom and red at the top of the jelly. Individual jellies in small glasses will take about two hours to set or speed things up by putting them in the freezer – but set a timer so they don’t actually freeze.

I love the bright colours in these jellies. They look as fresh and fruity as they taste. The raspberries add a slightly tart sweet note and stay super juicy. With a ball of vanilla ice cream on top they make a great pudding, and they would also be ideal for a child’s birthday party. You could make them a day or two in advance and keep in the fridge. Making them is a fun rainy day activity.


Raspberry and orange jellies with vanilla ice cream – great to cook with a child


As far as I’m aware sheets of gelatine come in the same size roughly 11.5cm x 7.5cm but if in doubt, check the packet – you want enough gelatine to set 1pt or 570ml of liquid. If you are vegetarian you can use Vege-Gel to make these jellies, just make sure you tweak the recipe below so it fits with those on the back of the packet.

The little glasses I use have a capacity of 180ml when filled right to the very top. They are sturdy little glasses. However you could use delicate glasses, the orange juice mixture only needs to be heated to melt the sugar and gelatine. Which isn’t too hot, you should still be able to taste some comfortably. No fear of cracking your delicate glasses here.

  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 4 sheets of gelatine
  • 200ml water
  • 370ml orange juice, with bits if you like
  • 75g/2½oz caster sugar
  • 115g/4oz frozen or fresh raspberries
  • 350ml vanilla ice cream

8 Little glasses


Step 1: Adult – Before you start cooking measure everything out.

Step 2: Adult – Give your child a bowl of cold water and the gelatine.

Child – Put the gelatine in the cold water, ensure it’s all covered.

Adult – The gelatine needs soaking for 5 minutes, so I put a timer on.

Step 3: Child – Put the water, caster sugar and orange juice into a saucepan.

Adult and child – Heat the saucepan over a medium heat, stirring well to dissolve all the sugar in the liquid. The liquid shouldn’t boil, this will inhibit the work of the gelatine.

Step 4: Child – When the five minutes is up, use your hand to take the gelatine out of the water, shake off as much water as possible and then put the gelatine into the saucepan.

Adult and child – Stir the orange juice mixture until all the sugar and gelatine are dissolved. Turn off the heat.

Adult – Pour the orange juice mixture into a jug.

Step 5: Child – Divide the raspberries between the glasses.

Step 6: Adult and child – Divide the orange juice mixture between the glasses.

Step 7: Adult – Put the glasses on a tray and place in the fridge. The jellies will take at least 2 hours to set. Serve with a ball of vanilla ice cream on top.


  • Carbohydrates: 22g

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