Prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket canapé

These prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket canapés were described by the taste team in one word – ‘superb’. Yet they are incredibly easy to make.
Prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket canapés
Some years ago I had a job which would involve spending several hours munching my way through thirty different canapé with the task of finding the 12 best for an event we were holding. It was tough tasting those thirty delicious mouthfuls but someone had to do it! Sometimes there was a whole meal in a canapé – roast beef and Yorkshire pud in one bite sized piece. With other canapé the description of them could be several lines long. Nearly always the canapé were beautiful to look at.

Ever since that time canapés have occupied a warm place in my heart. I’m never going to spend hours making them, but I like it when in fifteen minutes you can pop some together to start an evening off in the right way. I love standing around in the kitchen waiting for dinner to finish cooking, with a glass of something in one hand and a canapé in the other. Add good friends/family to that scene and it takes some beating.
Prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket canapés
These prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket canapés were described by the taste team in one word – ‘superb’. The butternut squash is sweet, the goats cheese and lemon tangy, the rocket peppery and then they are encased in prosciutto. You need to roast cubes of butternut squash and that takes 30 minutes, so these do need a tiny bit of forward planning. But once the squash is roasted and cooled, you need less than fifteen minutes to put these beautiful prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket canapés together.

Prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket canapés

Prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket canapé

Prosciutto goats cheese and rocket canapé1270
  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Yield: Makes 32 canapés


  • ½ butternut squash
  • a drizzle of oil
  • salt
  • 8 slices of prosciutto
  • 125g/4½oz soft goats cheese
  • a large handful of rocket leaves
  • a lemon
  • black pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/180°C/390°F/Gas mark 6.
  2. Peel and cube the butternut squash into 2½cm/1” cubes. You need 32 cubes in total. Place in a large roast tray and cover with the oil and a sprinkling of salt. Mix well. Roast in the oven for 30 minutes.
  3. Once the squash is tender and lightly brown in places, remove from the oven and leave to cool.
  4. Cut each slice of prosciutto into quarters, so they measure roughly 2.5cm/1” x 7½cm/3”. Zest the rind of the lemon.
  5. Take one of the quarters of prosciutto and put a cube of butternut squash at one end of it. Add some goats cheese, a few rocket leaves, a little sprinkle of lemon zest and some freshly ground black pepper over the top. Now wrap the butternut squash with the remaining prosciutto. Don’t worry if rocket leaves stick out, as this makes them look pretty.
  6. Put them on a plate and serve.

How easy was that!

2 thoughts on “Prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket canapé

  1. Canapés though delicious leave one unsatisfied .. they shove them at you whilst drinking and
    unlike with a “meal” , you never know when you’re full… and after eating enormous amounts say 800 cals worth .. you then feel you should go out for supper ….

    1. Hmmm, but they are so good! The idea of eating 800 cals worth (I have no idea how much that actually is) and then going for supper sounds ideal to me. Hx

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