Pomegranate, mango and pearl barley salad

This stunning pomegranate, mango and pearl barley salad is gluten free, low GI and can be vegan. The title ingredients are mixed with mint, feta and hazelnuts.


Summer is very much here. In fact, the days have been incredibly hot for Edinburgh – almost like a full on summer in France. (My Edinburgh readers will be able to tell I wrote this a few weeks ago! We have had a few warm days recently here but not the heat experienced by our southern compatriots.) The heat makes me want salads; big, beautiful filling salads. I make one of these salads up and they become the backbone of meals for a few days. We have them for lunch and to make a bigger meal for supper I serve them with hummus and bread, hot halloumi and asparagus, or a fried egg.

Dave’s cousin’s recently visited Edinburgh and we had a lovely big family meal of this salad plus Beijing Chicken. A rather strange combination that was more a result of what I wanted to cook, rather than what would go well together. To be honest it worked out fine and both were enjoyed by all. Well, nearly everyone – our 2 ½ year old JP, liked the Beijing Chicken but was highly suspicious of this salad.

pomegranate, mango and pearl barley salad

pomegranate, mango and pearl barley salad

pomegranate, mango and pearl barley salad

Pearl barley isn’t a grain I have done much with before. However, I found some in the cupboard and thought it would make a nice change from bulgar wheat, couscous or rice. I simmered the barley for 30 minutes in stock to give it flavour; it was perfectly cooked but still had a good nuttiness. And while the barley cooked I prepared the remaining ingredients before tossing everything together.

pomegranate, mango and pearl barley salad

This salad is just beautiful. The pomegranate and mango glisten away, while the green mint adds it’s emerald colour. The hazelnuts are camouflaged by the feta and pearl barley and make for a lovely surprise. It also fits beautiful with what you my lovely readers recently requested in the Readers Survey – it’s quick and healthy. So an all round winner.


Pomegranate, mango and pearl barley salad

pomegranate, mango and pearl barley salad

Replace the feta with vegan cheese to make this salad vegan.  The pearl barley could be replaced with (precooked) cracked Bulgar wheat.  Simmer in the stock for 8 – 10 minutes and then drain.

  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Yield: 8


  • 200g pearl barley
  • 1 litre of veg stock
  • 2 mangoes, skinned and cubed
  • 200g feta, crumbled
  • 1 pomegranate, seeds of
  • 100g hazelnuts, roughly chopped
  • 5 tbsp olive oil
  • 50g mint, stalks removed and roughly chopped


  1. Simmer the pearl barley for 25-35 minutes in the stock until cooked but still nutty.
  2. Drain and then mix in a large bowl with all the remaining ingredients except the mint. Scatter the mint over the top of the salad and serve.


Add salt depending on your palate.
The mint isn’t mixed into the salad as the heat from the pearl barley will discolour it.
This salad is best eaten fresh but will last happily for two days in the fridge.

6 thoughts on “Pomegranate, mango and pearl barley salad

  1. Can’t wait to try this! I made a pearl barley and chicken salad last week and had never used pearl barley in a salad before, it was delicious but rather grey looking. This dish looks much more colourful and enticing.

  2. Thanks Holly, this came at just the right time for a bring and share supper next week, which needs to be gluten free. Looks just the thing.

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