And the winner is

Thank you to everyone who entered the Holly Cooks Facebook competition. The competition is now closed. Below is a list of all the delicious entries. There is just once lucky winner, watch this mini film ‘And the winner is’ to find out if it’s you.

Alessandro d’Ansembourg – Toast with marmite
Alice Bartlett – Avocado, coconut and any green leafy vegetable
Alice Rosemary Cook – Goats cheese, red onion and balsamic
Amanda Shaw – Quinoa, dark chocolate and chillies
Andy Pearson – Puff pastry, butternut squash, goat’s cheese
Anna Menzies – Avocado, quinoa and halloumi
Catherine Cotton – Garlic, prawns, and fennel seeds
Dave Virden – Chorizo, parmesan and potatoes
David Pearson – Sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and lobster
Eric Manners – Avocado, gorgonzola and sweet potato
Frances Pepys – lamb, peppers and carrots
Harriet Lambert – Ginger, dark chocolate and hazelnuts
Jonathan Hodges – Pork belly (read crackling), blackberries and carrots
Judith Pope – Halloumi, yellow peppers and courgette
Julia Brown – Red peppers, cod and avocado
Julie Errhoe Larsen – Wine, mushrooms and potato
Kirstie Pereira – Avocado, cashews and trout
Laura Downie – Apricots, almonds and chocolate
Laura Moss – Salmon, potatoes and spinach
Nancy Williams – Lime, ginger and fish
Neil McKenzie – cheese, macaroni and bacon
Noah Schwartz – Squid, maple syrup and comté cheese
Pamela Walker – Pork, honey and spinach
Philli Swindale – Cold roast beef, red onion chutney and rocket
Pilvi Aro-Marques – Haricots verts, goat’s cheese, black pepper
Sarah Pepys – Mint, parsley and chives
Sarah Shekhdar – Steak, buffalo mozzarella and chocolate
Stéfie Plaçais – Chocolate, salted caramel and hazelnuts
Suzanne Seyghal Buckingham – Pine nuts, mint and butternut squash
Tamlyn Peel – Garlic, capers and mackerel
Tom Rathbone – Porcini, polenta and pancetta
Victoria Colthart – Goats cheese, rocket and beetroot
Will Davies – Aubergine, rice, garlic

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