Welcome to Holly Cooks. This is my blog which I started in April 2015. I began this blog because I enjoy food and I particularly love cooking. Cooking for me is a way of relaxing, being creative and making something that myself and others will enjoy eating. Having friends and family round for food that I have cooked makes a weekend for me. I love lying in bed at night thinking about what we will eat, what dishes will go together and what I will enjoy cooking. Here on Holly Cooks I share my recipes with you.

I’m also a bit of a geek. Which means a couple of things. First, I have had such fun building this website. I have learnt so much in the process and realised how much there still is to learn and understand. Secondly, when I’m cooking I like to know ‘why’ and not just ‘how’. I want to understand why one recipe makes a cake lighter than another and which icing I should use for that lighter cake. This has lead me to create the Techniques section of the site.

For me stunning photos of food in books magazines and online are what gets me excited about food. So thirdly, I’m working hard to improve my understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, to enable me to create beautiful photos to share with you.

With my husband and little boy, I live in Edinburgh. Scotland’s capital is a great city for foodies with excellent produce and innovative eating places setting the pace.

I am a type one diabetic and therefore need to calculate the carbohydrate content of a meal before I eat it, hence on most of these recipes you will see a figure for the carbohydrate of a portion. When I was first diagnosed in 1997 the advice was to stay away from sweet foods or to have them as a very rare treat. The advice now has changed. As long as I know the carbohydrate in the food I am eating and I inject enough insulin to cover that carbohydrate I can eat what I want. So that’s how a type one diabetic is blogging about Caribbean crystallised ginger and lime ice cream.