A Food Blog as a Side Project

There isn’t a recipe this week, instead an interview with me about having a food blog as a side project.

This week has been my last week of work before my maternity leave started. There is nothing like a hard deadline to make me realise how much there still is left to do. Having finished the week finally and finished work, I’m feeling good. Being heavily pregnant with a toddler at home is surprisingly hard work compared to just being pregnant. With JP we ended up with an emergency c-section, so this time we have chosen an elective c-section. All being well she will be delivered on 12 April. We can’t wait to meet her. Sleep is high on my priority list before then.

Recently Dave Jarman, an old friend, interviewed me about Holly Cooks and how it came to be.
Side projects image
He did this interview as part of his series on Side Projects – which you can read more about here. I wanted to share with you his post about Holly Cooks. It was an interesting experiencing spending an hour reflecting on how this blog came into being. I learnt more than I thought I would about myself as he questioned me.

2 thoughts on “A Food Blog as a Side Project

  1. Hi Holly, I do hope everything is well and by now you have welcomed your latest addition to your family. Two interesting articles. I started a blog about crafting, as a way of doing something else to being a mum and to help through my illnesses by way of having something else to think about. I did drop it a while, due to health reasons, but my mum suggested about blogging all the knowledge and I have learnt from multiple food issues. So now I have revived it and its great how a blog can evolve and change as we wish, reflecting our circumstances. X

    1. Hi Dawn,

      I’m so with you on having something else to think about. I’ve found that really important. Love the crafts on your blog, will look forward to your future posts with your new direction. Holly

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