8 Stunning Spring Scones Recipes

I have scoured the internet to bring you these 8 stunning spring scone recipes.  Sweet, savoury, healthy, treaty, whatever type of scone you fancy you’ll find it here. What could be better for brunch, lunch, or a sweet treat than a freshly baked scone.


These 8 stunning spring scones recipes are teaming with flavour – choosing your favourite may prove tricky.  If you are a scone novice, or want to refresh your skills then here are top tips on baking scones.

1. Hungry Couple’s Strawberry and Honey Oat Scones

If you were lucky enough to be invited by Anita from Hungry Couple to her home for a late brunch there would be scones.  Anita says “My mother was the scone lover in the family and she passed it down to me.

8 Stunning Spring Scone Recipes - Holly Cooks

2. Marsha’s Baking Addiction’s Lemon Drizzle Scones

Marsha describes these scones as “deliciously soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, infused with lemon and drizzled with a sweet lemon glaze!  

8 Stunning Spring Scone Recipes - Holly Cooks


3. Pickles N Honey’s Vegan Blueberry Scones

Amanda from Pickles N Honey has been making these scones for years.  As her tastes have evolved so have her recipes.   “They started as kumquat scones, then became gluten-free orange scones (similar but less tart), next were Irish soda bread scones, followed by lavender peach-stuffed scones, and now I’m putting a plant-based spin on one of my favorite classics: blueberry scones.

8 Stunning Spring Scone Recipes - Holly Cooks


4. Kevin is Cooking’s Savory Ham and Cheese Scones

Kevin came up with this recipe in case you have any left over ham from Easter.  “Warm, tender and flakey, these Ham and Cheese Scones make the most of any leftover holiday ham in a good way. Cheddar cheese and green onions complete a killer flavor profile in these scones that are perfect for any breakfast brunch.”

8 Stunning Spring Scone Recipes - Holly Cooks

5. Home Grown Provision’s Gluten-Free Pistachio and Chocolate Chip Scones

“Light and tender, gluten-free pistachio and chocolate chip scones are the stuff breakfast, brunch and fika dreams are made of.”  Shannon of Home Grown Provisions then goes onto tell us what fika is.  It’s “a Swedish tradition which roughly translates as a time to gather with friends, eat lovely homemade baked goods and drink great coffee or tea, is a must amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.”  These scones would be ideal for fika.

Holly Cooks 8 Stunning Spring Scones

6. Vanilla and Bean’s Blood Orange Chocolate Chunk Scones

Traci from Vanilla and Bean says “Crunchy on the outside while tender on the inside. Blood Orange Chocolate Chunk Scones are easy to make and a delight during citrus season. Make ahead and freeze for the ultimate convenience!”

Holly Cooks 8 Stunning Spring Scones

7. Thyme to Mango’s Rum and Raisin Scones

James from Thyme to Mango felt that plain fruit scones with cream and jam were a bit too quaint.  So he decided to “lace these scones with rum and plenty of raisins to produce a scone that will surely satisfy all your afternoon sweet-tooth cravings.

Holly Cooks 8 Stunning Spring Scones

8. Holly Cooks’ Raspberry and Pecan scones

Lastly here are my own scones.  They are packed with raspberry, pecans and maple syrup.  They take just 10 minutes to prep and are so good straight from the oven; crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside.  For a double treat slice these scones open and serve with clotted cream or creme faiche and raspberry jam.  That is AMAZING!!!

Holly-Cooks Raspberry and pecan scones 550v3



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    1. Indeed, these are great recipes! I need to get me some left over ham and get cooking your delicious looking scones.

      Thanks Kevin.

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