Summer fruits with Amaretti and Greek yoghurt


It’s feeling hot here today in Edinburgh. The sky is blue with little puffy clouds sailing by and as I walked to nursery with JP on my shoulders I realised I had far too many clothes on. No need for my winter fleece anymore. I checked the temperature and, sadly, it’s actually only 17°C/63°F, so I don’t know why it’s feeling so hot. Perhaps it’s because I’m still pretty much in the clothes I’ve worn all winter, or perhaps the humidity is just high? But, whatever, it left me thinking about summer food.

This pudding is ideal for a hot summer’s day. It’s similar to Eton Mess, but I’ve replaced the cream with Greek yogurt, meringue with Amaretti biscuits and I’ve chosen blueberries and raspberries instead of the more usual strawberries.


Other than having a vague connection to Eton Mess, this pudding is ideal because
• It takes about ten minutes to prepare – no slaving in the kitchen when the sun is out.
• It features summer fruits and although I’ve chosen blueberries and raspberries, you could add chopped cherries, strawberries, loganberries, red currents, in fact just about any fruit. Think of all that vitamin C you’ll be eating! If you google “are summer berries good for me?”, you’ll find these fruits help prevent heart disease, memory loss and wrinkling. I’m not sure on any of these claims … crows feet gone – seriously? … but they taste good and they combine to make a cracking pudding.
• If you want low fat you could use fat free Greek yoghurt.
• You can easily make more if unexpected guests turn up.
• Amaretti biscuits contribute their almondy flavour plus crunch and tackiness.




As Amaretti biscuits will soak up any moisture and soften, I find it best to put the individual portions together not more than 30-mins before you serve.


Summer fruits with Amaretti and Greek yoghurt

280g/10oz blueberries
280g/10oz raspberries
500g/1lb1½oz Greek yoghurt
80g/3oz or 16 Amaretti biscuits

Serves 4
Carbohydrate per serving – 34g
Preparation time – 10 minutes
Cooking time – 0 minutes

1. Take four glasses – I use 170ml. martini glasses – or ramekins, and put a spoonful of fruit in each. Add a layer of yoghurt and then a handful of the biscuits.
2. Now divide the remaining fruit between the four servings. Add another layer of yoghurt, then more Amoretti biscuits and serve.

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